Daniel Suelo Leads Eccentrics Chronicler Into the Utah Wild

Film Stew | By Richard Horgan

Posted 10/04/2014

It’s impossible not to think of Into the Wild’s Christopher McCandless when considering the similarly bold life choice made by Daniel Suelo. As a new feature documentary is about to remind, Suelo in 2002 chose Utah as his moneyless-existence destination and has mercifully been more fortunate when it comes to the consumption of exotic wilderness food.

Suelo [...] is one of a half-dozen eccentrics profiled in Oscar-winning Canadian filmmaker John Zaritsky’s documentary A Different Drummer, world premiering October 8th and 10th at the Vancouver International Film Festival. There’s also a woman who pushes ducks around Vancouver in a stroller and a San Francisco man dedicated to, among other things, the memory of eighth U.S. President Martin Van Buren.

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