Darla Shaw

Professor Darla Shaw of Ridgefield received the 2012 Connecticut Higher Education Faculty Award for Outstanding Leadership in Community Service in the state. Soooo, let’s bite, this is a good start – what else has she done? Well, Darla lives every part of her life in a nonconforming way: her portable shower doubles as a phone booth, she throws nothing out forcing her to buy an abandoned opera house to store all her ‘stuff’, she pushes a grocery cart loaded with lots of stuff and with headlights from one class to another when teaching at a university, she cooks badly and has organized a large dinner party where all the food came out of cans. And oh, she had a paper mâché mermaid that died, so of course she gave it a true Viking funeral on a lake with the boat and mermaid being set on fire…Is this legal in Connecticut?

Darla leads her life in truly extra-ordinary way and gives in to spontaneity few would dare.

“I continually take risks, try different things. I guess I see the potential in things that to others seem very ordinary. I’ve never been bored”.

And yes she does play in a Kazoo band!