Meet Gary Holloway, President of the Martin Van Buren Club

While some eccentrics are specialists, focusing all their non-conformity on a single, overriding obsession, it was found that a surprisingly large number express their eccentricity in several different directions. GARY HOLLOWAY keeps a veritable stable [...]

Meet John Ward, Eccentric Inventor Extraordinaire

by Dr. David Weeks. One of my favourite subjects is JOHN WARD, a former librarian and engineer with a gift for whimsy. Wearing a huge multi-colored bow tie and Elton John-style white-framed glasses, with his white hair [...]

Living With An Eccentric: Ben & Darla Shaw

by Ben Shaw, introduction by Darla Shaw. This is Ben’s blog.  I am not high maintenance or difficult and Ben and I have  been together so long we can’t imagine our life in any other way.   [...]

Trust In Your Own Instincts

After being evaluated by Dr. David Weeks, author of “Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness”, it was discovered that I was certainly a non-conformist, with strong views. This diagnosis was no surprise to me. [...]

All About Duck $oup

Duck $oup Projects is the brain-child of Laura-Kay Prophet. Despite being down and out herself, Laura founded Duck $oup in 1996 to reach out to and lift the spirits of homeless and needy people on the [...]