Eccentric inventor makes it on to the big screen

Spalding Guardian: Lincolnshire Free Press (UK)

He’s already been described as ‘possibly the best English eccentric inventor living today’, now John Ward has a starring role in a new film celebrating the lives of those deemed to be ‘out of sync’ with society’s norms.

John who has made the headlines numerous times, more recently as the inventor of Holbeach’s now world-famous cabbage hurling competition, and the creator of Freddie – the three-wheeled fire engine, was approached about being involved by his friend Dr David Weeks, who previously wrote about him in his book on eccentrics.

Although he’s not yet seen the film, John – also the inventor of the bra-warmer, backpack snow machine and musical frying pan – was delighted to be involved and completed his part back in May, when he was filmed driving his mini fire-engine around Moulton and Moulton Seas End as well as showcasing some of his other inventions. By his own admission, he takes society’s discarded refuse and makes machines and other creations that are useless but beautiful and fanciful.

“There’s so much waste in the world, I like to put rubbish to good use,” says John.

“A lot of people say I’m in my second childhood, but I don’t think I ever got out of my first. Getting carried away is the bother of invention, the joy of making something that no-one has thought to do before.”

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