Historical Eccentrics

There are many stories of famous eccentrics sprinkled throughout history. We would be remiss if we did not include some of these in our documentary. Some eccentrics are pejoratively considered “cranks“, rather than geniuses. Eccentric [...]

Screaming Lord Sutch

Screaming Lord Sutch, despite having no connection with the peerage, was known for his horror-themed stage show, dressing as Jack the Ripper pre-dating the shock rock antics of Alice Cooper. He headlined with John and [...]

Sarah Winchester

Architecture has attracted some spectacular eccentrics. Sarah Winchester, widow of the American arms manufacturer Oliver Winchester, believed the ghosts of people killed by her husband’s rifles would haunt her unless she built a magnificent house [...]

Glenn Gould

Eccentric as genius. Born in Toronto in 1932 (died in 1982) Gould is one of Canada’s most famous eccentrics.  A child musical prodigy, at the age of 15 years, he became a professional concert pianist [...]