Daniel Suelo

A perfect example of how money doesn’t buy you happiness is Daniel Suelo, who for the past 12 years has not earned, received, or spent a single dollar. When Suelo was 39, he was walking [...]

Gary Holloway

Holloway worked for the city of San Francisco as an environmental planner and frequently dresses in the habit of a Franciscan monk, an expression of his devotion to St. Francis of Assisi. But Holloway has [...]

Laura-Kay Prophet (aka Duck Lady)

‘Lotus land’ Vancouver is not nirvana for all.  Imagine being down and out in Vancouver’s Lower East Side and then imagine walking by a lady with a duck in a stroller who gives you a [...]

Darla Shaw

Professor Darla Shaw of Ridgefield received the 2012 Connecticut Higher Education Faculty Award for Outstanding Leadership in Community Service in the state. Soooo, let’s bite, this is a good start – what else has she [...]

Lord Toby Jug

Lord Toby is a British politician who was a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party formed by his mentor, Screaming Lord Sutch.  The Raving Loony Party’s objective is not to receive votes on [...]

John Ward

Presenting one of England’s best known eccentrics. If there were an award for eccentric inventor, John Ward would take the prize hands down or, hands up as John might say.  He takes society’s discarded refuse [...]