John Ward

Presenting one of England’s best known eccentrics. If there were an award for eccentric inventor, John Ward would take the prize hands down or, hands up as John might say.  He takes society’s discarded refuse and makes machines and other creations that are useless but are beautiful, and fanciful.

“There’s so much waste in the world, I like to put rubbish to good use.  A lot of people say I’m in my second childhood, but I don’t think I ever got out of my first.  Getting carried away is the bother of invention”. He creates for it’s purest reasonsthe joy of making something that no-one has thought to do before”. 

A teacher told John when he was a young boy that “the world has no place for silliness” but John has proved him wrong.  He lives a comfortable life creating such items as: a musical frying pan, safety net for yo-yos, silencer for the front door knocker when you don’t want to be disturbed, a one person mobile BBQ, telescopic pool cue for reaching snooker balls on a large table, a radio controlled duck (don’t ask – maybe he should talk to Laura-Kay) and of course the world famous woman’s bra-warmer for those cold English mornings.  He has been described as “possibly the best English eccentric inventor living today”.