Laura-Kay Prophet (aka Duck Lady)

‘Lotus land’ Vancouver is not nirvana for all.  Imagine being down and out in Vancouver’s Lower East Side and then imagine walking by a lady with a duck in a stroller who gives you a cookie to eat.  Inside the cookie is money from $1 to $100 and an encouraging note.  Wouldn’t that make your day? Laura-Kay believes everyone is deserving of kindness and her service to her community is a way of honouring and respecting those less fortunate. But, why the duck? Well, her ducks apparently perform miracles and sustain her faith in mankind.

Over the years Laura-Kay has given away over $25,000 through her charity Duck $oup.  She lives meagerly in a tenement flat (with her duck of course) in order to give to others. Laura-Kay also has supernatural abilities and her specialty is spiritual readings that she does for free on the street.

Watch Director John Zaristsky speak about his friendship with Laura-Kay.