Lord Toby Jug launches new political party

We received word on Monday that one of the stars of our film, Lord Toby Jug will be launching a new political party. 

Press Release

Wednesday 14th January at 12 noon at St Ives Quay, Cambridgeshire PE27 5AR, will see the long awaited launch of the country’s newest and sanest political party,

The Eccentric Party of Great Britain.

Party Leader, Lord Toby Jug, will be joined by his late friend, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Eccentric Party’s spiritual leader, and by Eccentric Minister for Inventions John Ward, for this momental occasion. They will be launching the Eccentric Party from the motor launch Meander from St Ives Quayside in the search for floating voters along the Great River Ouse, and will also be unveiling a most eccentric election invention to grab the vote.

Yesterday (January 14, 2015) the party was officially launched in the UK. As promised John Ward, Eccentric Minister for Inventions (also in our film) was present.

(L to R) John Ward, Lord Toby Jug, Eccentric Party member

Party members arrived to the launch via boat.

The party’s motto is ”We Dance to the Beat of a Different Drum”.  And they certainly do!

The Eccentric Party of Great Britain will be fielding candidates across the UK at the general election on May 7th. For more information on the party, reach out to it’s illustrious leader, Lord Toby Jug via Twitter @LordTobyJug or Facebook Eccentric Lord Toby Jug.

More pictures (Click to enlarge):

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