Media Release: A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics, a new documentary from John Zaritsky

Wire Service: Canadian Free Press Release & Media Distribution Service Media Release (09/30/2014) Toronto/Vancouver

A cave-dweller who hasn’t used money since the ’90s, but runs an Internet blog out of a public library. A “duck lady.” The monk-robe-wearing president of a Martin Van Buren fan cub. The inventor of a “bra warmer.” And then there’s Lord Toby Jug, a former member of Britain’s pranksterish Monster Raving Loony Party, who wants to eliminate January and February because they’re too cold.

These are just some of the subjects of John Zaritsky’s A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics – a globe-trotting close-up of people who flout convention in the most colourful ways, and seem healthier and happier for it than the rest of us.

An admitted oddball himself, Zaritsky is an acclaimed and admired documentary filmmaker who has won more than 40 awards for films on some dire subjects. And yet he is not averse to injecting levity into the gravity (as with his Genie-nominated Leave Them Laughing, about a dying comedian).

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