NEW BOOK on Eccentrics by Dr. David Weeks

We were incredibly thrilled to receive a copy of Dr. Weeks’ latest book on eccentricity in the mail. 

The book jacket reads,

A high proportion of prodigiously original people have been described as eccentric, ahead of their time, daydreamers, and constructively creative. They are the source of many wonderful ideas. We can all learn from their examples.

Much of creativity is still shrouded in mystique and mystery. The author of this book, a clinical neuropsychologist, believes that creativity is something that can be perceived and learned. by studying eccentric adults, various other non-conformists, gifted children and their families, and young people with Asperger’s Syndrome over the past thirty years, his pioneering research comprises a formidable contribution to human psychology.

You can purchase “The Gifts of Eccentrics: Imagination in reality” on AMAZON.

Happy reading!