Meet John Ward, Eccentric Inventor Extraordinaire

by Dr. David Weeks. One of my favourite subjects is JOHN WARD, a former librarian and engineer with a gift for whimsy. Wearing a huge multi-colored bow tie and Elton John-style white-framed glasses, with his white hair [...]

NEW BOOK on Eccentrics by Dr. David Weeks

We were incredibly thrilled to receive a copy of Dr. Weeks’ latest book on eccentricity in the mail.  The book jacket reads, A high proportion of prodigiously original people have been described as eccentric, ahead [...]

The Eccentric Child [Part 3]: Raising An Eccentric Kid

Parents who fear freely spoken individuality, or the creation of personal privacy and separateness, construct more intrusive approaches in which basic intimacy implies risk, even threat. An accent on rigid parental control in child-rearing is [...]

The Eccentric Child [Part 1]: Introduction

by Dr. David Weeks. Preamble: This is the first in a 3-part series on childhood eccentricity.  Reliable distinctions between oneself and others are usually made in the second year of life.  At around the age [...]

Dear Dr. Weeks: Living With An Eccentric

Dear Dr. Weeks, I tried to have a relationship with a true eccentric when we moved in together but it drove me bonkers. I know it’s hard to live with eccentrics but do you have [...]

Dear Dr. Weeks: The Sad Eccentric

Dear Dr. Weeks, My friend has always dressed exactly how she wants, said whatever she was thinking, expressed her emotions without reservation and refuses to conform. But instead of it making her happy, she is [...]