The Eccentric Party of Great Britain hosts first meeting of 2015

The UK’s newest political party, The Eccentric Party of Great Britain, approved several policies at its first meeting of 2015. 

Held at the party’s headquarters in Cambridgeshire, prospective candidates and party members from across the UK gathered to decide on the party’s manifesto.

Approved policies covered alcoholism,

We’ll stop alcohol abuse in our cities and town centres by introducing an unhappy hour with one drink for the price of two to stop drunken yobs making them no-go-zone areas at weekends.

solutions for the national debt crisis,

We’ll pay off the national debt with credit cards.

climate change,

We’ll make the British climate more temperate all year round by tapping into the natural resource of hot air around Westminster.

and technology overuse among children and an end to childhood obesity.

iPads, smartphones, X-boxes etc will come with a slot metre to reduce the amount of time kids are glued to these gadgets, once they’ve run out of money they can be chucked outside to get fitter playing sport, this will end childhood obesity.

The Party also suggested new standards for televised political debates

All participants in the TV debates will be made to wear suits colour-coded to their party. David Cameron will be in a sober looking midnight blue suit. Ed Miliband would wear a pillar-box red suit, Nick Clegg would be in canary yellow, the Green Party’s Natalie Bennett would be in bilious green and Nigel Farage would wear the purple-and-yellow stripes of a seaside entertainer. This solution, will allow viewers to easily differentiate the parties without reference to their confusingly similar boring policies.

and a promise to their supporters.

We promise a free holiday to the Bahamas for everyone who votes for us, We’re a very honest party.

We’ll hold them to that.

For the full press release and the MINUTES AND MOMENTS OF THE MEETING HELD ON JANUARY 20TH CIRCA 2015 visit John Fleming’s blog