Two Eccentrics and A Duck: Sold-Out Theatre at World Premiere [VIFF]

Last night I had one of the best premieres of my career, a night any filmmaker dreams of.

First of all, a sold out theatre of 500 people all laughing and crying in the right spots, and obviously loving all of the eccentrics in my film.

Of course the star of the night for everybody, including myself, was Laura Kay Prophet, aka Vancouver’s duck lady, who came to the screening with her current duck, Bobby 5 and then delighted the audience during the Q and A with her wit and winning personality. And except for the odd quack during the film, Bobby behaved himself admirably. I was so relieved after assuring the theatre management that Bobby would be a good girl.

So it was a truly memorable night that will certainly go on my highlight reel.

A big thanks to Ingrid Hamilton and her staff (GAT PR) for the favourable publicity they generated, Terry Simpson, the duck wrangler who got Laura Kay and Bobby around all night, Adam P.W. Smith who documented the event, and last but not least my wonderful wife, Anne Clutton, who organized the screening and after party.

- John Zaritsky


A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics will screen today at 1:15 pm. Click here for screening details.

Photo credit: Adam P.W. Smith


Oct 08 07:00 pm - Rio Theatre
Oct 10 01:15 pm - SFU Woodwards

Canadian Images (Canada, 2014, 87 mins, HDCAM)

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WRITTEN BY:  John Zaritsky
CAMERA:  Ryan Knight
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